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December 9, 2011 / bjh3ev

Guest Lecture: PARABOLA

The most interesting question that I walked away from the PARABOLA presentation with was the request that we don’t forget the ancient techniques and let them be completely overshadowed simply because we’ve developed new technologies. This is evident in their TIMEPIECE project–that uses the direction and diffusion of light to generate the orientation of its program. Important events are marked on the floor and walls using an oculus, reminiscent of the most famous oculus found in the Pantheon in Rome.

These two structures come from time periods thousands of years apart, and they were constructed with entirely different programs in mind. However, it’s interesting to note that its still relevant to define the relationship between program and building with something like the light from an oculus’ path. Despite the advances in technology that have been developed in the years since the creation of the Pantheon, architects aren’t ignoring the power that comes from where light hits structure–rather they’re still using it in addition to the newer technological advances.


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